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Foreclosures can be the definitive bargain investment. Many details go into purchasing a home, especially a distressed property. Learning the steps to take early in the home buying process can help alleviate the obstacles you may come across along the way.

Below is information on some of the most critical documents you will need during the process.

Why is a title search so important to get before buying a foreclosure?

New foreclosure laws on both the Federal and State levels have created additional obstacles in closing the deal on your new home. This makes a title search even more critical to buying a distressed property.

A property title is a collection of records and rights for a property. As each property transfer takes place, a document called a "deed" is recorded in the land records. The deed is a record of that transfer event.

Each record is kept separately including information about mortgages, liens and other property related items. Even when you refinance your mortgage, each item is recorded separately so you can see what transpired over time. The status of the property can be finalized by looking through all the past records on the property and gain status on the property as of today.

Got a property in mind to buy? Don't get caught with the unexpected expenses involved with any potential title issues. Get A Title Search Now.

I am buying a foreclosure. What documents and specifics are involved?

You have already taken the first step — you are searching for properties here at ForeclosureFreeSearch.com.

When purchasing a foreclosure, there are many critical documents involved. Sometimes, minute details are missed during the buying process. We have created some checklists to help you navigate the little details when buying a distressed property.

Click on each link to download the checklist you need:

I am interested in tax lien/tax deed investing. Is there special documentation needed?

Now that you have located a tax lien/tax deed here at ForeclosureFreeSearch.com, you can now take the next step in the investment process.

Tax lien and tax deed laws vary from state to state. Some states use tax lien certificates, while others have tax deed sales. Either way, this type of investing can bring moderate to high returns depending on what state you live in or invest in.

Our "Tax Lien/Tax Deed Checklist" is a great way to keep track of your investment during the process.

I am buying a distressed home. What series of legal documents are required?

Legal contract requirements vary from state to state. Real estate liens, specific contracts and deeds may be needed to be able to close on you new house.

There is a way to get all the forms required in your state all in one place. The package includes an Offer to Purchase, Contract for Sale, Disclosure Statements, Lead Paint Disclosure and more — particular to your state of residence.

A qualified real estate agent is your first defense in completing your home purchase contracts and documentation. Find a good real estate agent/broker in your area today.